Email Support


To log onto Webmail:

1. Click on the appropriate icon for your account (wavewls or altamontks)
2. You will be directed to a login screen
3. Enter your user name. This will be the first part of your email address
(everything before the @)
4. Enter your email password where requested

To set up email accounts in various email clients (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.), you will need the following information:

Email address Your username including the Your username including the
Server Type POP or POP3 POP or POP3
Incoming Mail
Outgoing Mail
Email Username The first part of your email address (do not put The first part of your email address (do not put
Password Your password Your password
Login using Secure Password Authentication Do NOT check Do NOT check
My Server requires Authentication THIS MUST BE CHECKED THIS MUST BE CHECKED

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